About Us

We believe that betting can actually be a source of income for both the bookies and the bettors, it should not work for only the bookies as is obtainable now, who pockets huge sums of money, leaving the bettors feeling bad about their choices. We want a situation where a bettor can bet with the confidence of winning something at the end of the day, rather than depending on luck, that 80% of the time will not work. We wants to put power in the hands of the bettors, eliminating exploitations. Albetrage was developed with the aim of disrupting the betting industry using cryptocurrency and blockchain. The betting industry today is not just broken, but also exploitative. They operates on promises of making bettors rich, but use every trick in their book to confuse and manipulate customers, making them to lose more than they gain, the few that manages to win big, ends up penalized by the betting platforms through limiting their accounts or closing it all together. Albetrage is an anonymous sport betting platform for arbers. It makes use of ATE Token, which is a community driven decentralized cryptocurrency powered by a decentralized TRC-20 smart contract on the Tron blockchain to enables global access to its markets. The Albetrage Foundation is the heart of the Albetrage ecosystem. It was formed to act as a major player in advancing the adoption of the albetrage platform and its currency ATE token, all over the world. It will play an important role in funding programs or ideas that will assist in building a truly sustainable brand. The Albetrage foundation will also play a very important role in setting policies that will monitor the behavior and performance of the economy of the albetrage ecosystem as a whole. The foundation plays important role in the operation of markets, management of order books, resolves and settles trades on the Albetrage platform.